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The Bonds of Brotherhood, Teamwork and the Group Practice
Dr. Charlie and Dr. Will
My Brother and I

When Dr. William J. Mayo and Dr. Charles H. Mayo commented on the accomplishments that earned them global acclaim, they often spoke in terms of "my brother and I." That simple figure of speech reveals some profound values at the heart of the organization that bears the Mayo name. Teamwork -- the sharing of diverse skills for a common good -- is the essence of Mayo Clinic.

Dr. W.W. Mayo's precept: "No one is big enough to be independent of others," made a huge impression on his sons. As their surgical expertise developed and their fame spread, Drs. Will and Charlie began inviting more partners to provide services to complement their own surgical practice. Together with Dr. Henry Plummer, they developed one of the world's first private integrated group practices of medicine.

Their teamwork approach translated into continuous interactions among physicians, who teach one another and develop a continuing interest in one another's professional growth. Today teams of integrated Mayo Clinic specialists cooperate within an environment of mutual respect to provide the highest quality of care to patients.

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Concept of Group Practice of Medicine
Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie talking
Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie talking
Dr. Charlie and Dr. Will
Dr. Charlie and Dr. Will

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