To make a diagnosis, your doctor will consider your signs and symptoms and other test results with the results of your HIDA scan.

Results of a HIDA scan include:

  • Normal. The radioactive tracer moved freely with the bile from your liver into your gallbladder and small intestine.
  • Slow movement of radioactive tracer. Slow movement of the tracer might indicate a blockage or obstruction, or a problem in liver function.
  • No radioactive tracer seen in the gallbladder. Inability to see the radioactive tracer in your gallbladder might indicate acute inflammation (acute cholecystitis).
  • Abnormally low gallbladder ejection fraction. The amount of tracer leaving your gallbladder is low after you've been given a drug to make it empty, which might indicate chronic inflammation (chronic cholecystitis).
  • Radioactive tracer detected in other areas. Radioactive tracer found outside of your biliary system might indicate a leak.

Your doctor will discuss the results with you.