The Essure system is a type of female sterilization. It offers a permanent way to prevent pregnancy. Benefits of the Essure system include:

  • Permanence
  • Effectiveness
  • Lack of significant long-term side effects
  • No need to buy contraception, interrupt sex for contraception or seek partner compliance
  • No incision or scarring of the skin
  • Convenience — the Essure system can be inserted at your health care provider's office

The Essure system isn't appropriate for everyone, however. Your health care provider may discourage implantation of the Essure system if:

  • You might want to become pregnant
  • You gave birth or had an abortion within the past six weeks
  • You recently had a pelvic infection
  • You're allergic to the contrast agent used to confirm tubal blockage
  • You have a uterine or tubal condition that prevents access to one or both tubal openings
  • You previously had a tubal ligation
Nov. 29, 2016