Mayo One Airplane — Medical expertise

Mayo One Airplane craft are staffed with medical teams made up of Mayo Clinic medical professionals with extensive experience treating adults and children. Mayo selects nurses, neonatal and pediatric specialists, paramedics, and respiratory therapists based on the patient's needs.

The medical equipment and medications on board make Mayo One Airplane a mobile intensive care unit, a flying ambulance equipped to handle any patient, even the critically ill. The flight team is supported by a team of specialists and critical care doctors at Mayo Clinic, who are available for telephone consultations.

We equip our Mayo One Airplane planes with the necessary medical supplies, including an external defibrillator, an external pacemaker and more than 60 medications. Transport nurses and paramedics can perform critical care procedures such as a chest tube placement, surgical airway creation (cricothyroidotomy), central and arterial line placement, and intubation. Mayo One Airplane can transport patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) support or cardiac ventricular assist devices with the appropriate complement of care providers.

A Mayo Clinic emergency medical doctor oversees Mayo One Airplane and works with the team to implement patient care protocols and monitor the overall quality of care.