Minnesota patient stories

  1. Mayo Clinic Staff Take on an Urgent Medical Mission

    When a Mayo Clinic surgical team learned that a child tethered to life support in a foreign country would die in a matter of days without their help, they quickly planned a multifaceted intervention. Every day patients from around the world fly to visit Mayo Clinic and receive lifesaving care. This past March, as part [...]

  2. Controlling Seizures With Careful Attention to Medication Details

    Managing medications while keeping her seizures under control is a challenge for Hannah Soderberg. The Mayo Clinic Outpatient Pharmacy makes it easier with individualized attention and care. In many ways, Hannah Soderberg of Rochester, Minnesota, is a typical 14-year-old. She loves horses, her iPad, her guinea pig and her twin sister. But Hannah faces complex [...]

  3. First Pitch at Fenway, a Dream Come True for Dr. Noseworthy

    Dr. Noseworthy was invited to speak at the Boston College Chief Executive Club. Once word got out that he?d be in town, he got another invitation. Thoughts of family and childhood heroes traveled with John Noseworthy, M.D., as he approached the pitcher's mound to throw the first pitch at Fenway Park in Boston on Saturday, [...]

  4. Cancer Worries Behind Him, Mountain Biker is Back to Tackling Trails

    A mountain bike accident triggered a chain of events that led Joel Pankow to seek treatment at Mayo Clinic for a kidney tumor he believed to be cancer. To his great relief, Joel?s care team found he didn't have cancer after all. Here Joel shares his Mayo Clinic experience in his own words. Written by [...]

  5. Cochlear Implant Allows Judith Collins to Relish Her Life Again

    Over time, progressive hearing loss thwarted Judith Collin's enjoyment of family, friends and activities. Now a cochlear implant has restored her ability to enthusiastically engage with the people and pastimes she loves. Over the course of an exciting career, Judith Collins has been a professor of psychology, an author and a CIA officer. But 27 [...]

  6. Doctor Looks to His Alma Mater to Fight a Rare Disease

    As a medical student, Dr. James Stewart was eager to learn to help others. But he was unaware of just how valuable his Mayo Clinic education eventually would be to his own health. ? As a young man pursuing a career in medicine, Dr. James Stewart, had his pick of medical schools. He ultimately chose [...]

  7. On Being Called to Serve

    Chaplain Ana Wilson cares for staff and patients at Mayo Clinic's Rochester campus. Here she shares her personal perspective on how her experiences have shaped her life and her choice to be a pastor. By Chaplain Ana Wilson We all have stories of how we are born, and I am no different. My mom always [...]

  8. Diagnosis and Treatment for a Mysterious Illness Turn Despair Into Hope

    With unexplained symptoms worsening daily, Elise Athas' health was spiraling downward quickly until she came to Mayo Clinic and discovered a program that helped her cope, recover and heal. When Elise Athas arrived at Mayo Clinic in November 2017, she was a shell of her old self. Gaunt and weak, the former runner needed a [...]

  9. Retaining His Voice With Radical Treatment

    Jeff Krajacic was shocked to learn that a rare form of bone cancer was to blame for changes in his voice. He was even more stunned when he found out that the malignancy, and the problems it caused, could be treated using a piece of his ear. Jeff Krajacic is a talker. During conversation, words [...]

  10. Settling on a Steady Heart Rhythm

    Ron Klancher was having trouble controlling an irregular heartbeat. But by working at it together, Ron and his care providers were able to devise a way to effectively treat his atrial fibrillation. Ron Klancher's heart has served him well over the years. It's guided him as an athlete, husband, father, teacher and coach, and has [...]

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