Florida patient stories

  1. Complex Surgery Saves a Life and a Lung

    Ken Settlemire's lung cancer care at Mayo Clinic involved an intricate surgical procedure that eliminated the cancer while removing the smallest amount of lung tissue necessary. Ken Settlemire is an active 76-year-old. The owner and operator of several tractors and an excavator, Ken does everything from yardwork to building small bridges. But in July 2017, [...]

  2. Holistic Care Makes Breast Cancer Journey Easier to Navigate

    As she thought about her cancer treatment options, Jennifer Deaderick knew she wanted to include therapies that would take all of her needs into account. She found the type of whole-person care she was looking for at Mayo Clinic. Jennifer Deaderick has always loved a good adventure. In 2014, the occupational therapist moved from California [...]

  3. Pastor Gets Individualized Cancer Treatment Through Mayo Clinic Care Network

    Andrew McFadden wasn't sure what to do when he found out he had a rare and aggressive form of cancer. But working together through a unique partnership, his physicians helped him develop a treatment plan and find a way to move forward. Andrew McFadden has always been a fighter. He spent 22 years in the [...]

  4. Breathing Easier With Innovative Technology

    When a viral infection spiraled into a medical emergency that put Michele Asberry's ability to breathe at risk, critical care specialists at Mayo Clinic used cutting-edge technology to save her life. Michele Asberry is an aerospace medical technician with the U.S. Air Force. When she was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, eight years ago, Michele worked [...]

  5. Comprehensive Care Returns Teacher's Focus to Her Love of Learning

    Two troubling diagnoses had Erika Bauserman worried about her future. Her care team at Mayo Clinic took care of both medical problems so Erika could put her health concerns behind her. A retired preschool teacher, Erika Bauserman, is passionate about child literacy. Since moving to St. Augustine, Florida, from Illinois in 2011, Erika spends much [...]

  6. A New Lung, a Wedding Ring and a Second Chance at Life

    For Jim Jones, the joy of his wedding day was multiplied by a much-anticipated phone call from Mayo Clinic. That same day, a lung had become available for a transplant, and the possibility of a healthy life ahead was within Jim's reach. Wedding days are often life-changing. But for Angi and Jim Jones, the day [...]

  7. Cold Cap Therapy Preserves Kristin Ferguson's Hair ? and Her Positive Attitude

    Diagnosed with breast cancer, Kristin Ferguson needed chemotherapy after a mastectomy. Uneasy about losing her hair, she was relieved to be offered a way to keep her long locks intact with cold cap therapy. It was during a March 2016 visit to the hair salon that Kristin Ferguson first heard about cold cap therapy. She [...]

  8. Spine Surgery Restores Teen's Hope for the Future

    Spine surgery not only preserved Marichu Rosales Brun's ability to walk, it has allowed her to embrace all the promise that the years ahead hold for her. In 2014, 17-year-old Marichu Rosales Brun began experiencing persistent numbness and pain in her upper right thigh. The active teenager and avid tennis player suspected something was wrong. [...]

  9. Epilepsy Care Makes the World More Peaceful for a Painter

    For years, seizures caused confusion and disorder in Kristin Taheri's daily life. She sought medical care to no avail. Then she turned to Mayo Clinic, where Kristin received the diagnosis she had been seeking, and her care team worked diligently to find a way to stop her seizures. They say a picture paints a thousand [...]

  10. Resiliency and Determination Propel a Researcher's Discoveries

    Mayo Clinic researcher John Fryer, Ph.D., is hopeful the work in his laboratory will yield insights into Alzheimer's disease, as well as sepsis ? an often-deadly condition which claimed his father's life in 2016. When he received a text message from his mother in Arizona telling him that his father had been diagnosed with sepsis, [...]

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