Florida patient stories

  1. Cold Cap Therapy Preserves Kristin Ferguson's Hair ? and Her Positive Attitude

    Diagnosed with breast cancer, Kristin Ferguson needed chemotherapy after a mastectomy. Uneasy about losing her hair, she was relieved to be offered a way to keep her long locks intact with cold cap therapy. It was during a March 2016 visit to the hair salon that Kristin Ferguson first heard about cold cap therapy. She [...]

  2. Spine Surgery Restores Teen's Hope for the Future

    Spine surgery not only preserved Marichu Rosales Brun's ability to walk, it has allowed her to embrace all the promise that the years ahead hold for her. In 2014, 17-year-old Marichu Rosales Brun began experiencing persistent numbness and pain in her upper right thigh. The active teenager and avid tennis player suspected something was wrong. [...]

  3. Epilepsy Care Makes the World More Peaceful for a Painter

    For years, seizures caused confusion and disorder in Kristin Taheri's daily life. She sought medical care to no avail. Then she turned to Mayo Clinic, where Kristin received the diagnosis she had been seeking, and her care team worked diligently to find a way to stop her seizures. They say a picture paints a thousand [...]

  4. Resiliency and Determination Propel a Researcher's Discoveries

    Mayo Clinic researcher John Fryer, Ph.D., is hopeful the work in his laboratory will yield insights into Alzheimer's disease, as well as sepsis ? an often-deadly condition which claimed his father's life in 2016. When he received a text message from his mother in Arizona telling him that his father had been diagnosed with sepsis, [...]

  5. New Imaging Technology Inspires One Couple to Invest in Mayo Clinic

    After John Sullivan experienced the benefits of a Choline C-11 PET scan when he had a recurrence of prostate cancer, he and his fianc?e, Sheri Butler, were motivated to become benefactors and advocates for the expansion of Mayo Clinic's Florida campus. The future is clear for John Sullivan of Ocala, Florida, and his fianc?e, Sheri [...]

  6. Successful Cancer Treatment Leads to a New Career

    After lengthy treatment for metastatic colon cancer, not only did Don Guillot emerge with the disease in remission, he also came away inspired to pursue a future in nursing. The coming year is going to be an exciting one for Don Guillot. In 2018, he's getting married, and he's graduating from nursing school as an [...]

  7. Complex Heart Surgery Keeps Panama Native on the Greens

    When persistent fatigue began to slow down Ricardo Henriquez, an evaluation at Mayo Clinic revealed he needed surgery to fix his heart valves and correct an irregular heartbeat. The procedure also allowed him to again pursue his passion for golf.? The goal that April afternoon was simple. Sink the putt and win the tournament. But [...]

  8. New Heart, New Hope and a Real Chance at a Future

    After years of struggling with cardiomyopathy, a heart transplant at Mayo Clinic renewed Thomas Kim's health and rekindled his confidence in the future. Thomas Kim had all but forgotten what it was like to make long-term plans. With his wife, Yona, by his side, the 48-year-old spent years focused on trying to figure out what [...]

  9. Microsurgery Provides Much-Needed Relief to Teen With Lymphedema

    Hobbled with painful ankle swelling for a year, Amanda Garrett finally found answers and a solution at Mayo Clinic. Amanda Garrett's ankle was painful and extremely swollen, and for a year, no one could tell her why. The 18-year-old went from specialist to specialist to determine what was causing her left ankle to swell up [...]

  10. Former NATO Engineer Back in the Game After Shoulder Replacement

    When he began to have serious shoulder pain, James Biond feared his decades-long enjoyment of racquetball might come to an end. But his Mayo Clinic surgeon put those fears to rest. Now after shoulder replacement, James has returned to his favorite sport pain-free. Despite five knee operations and chronic arthritis, James Biond has always enjoyed [...]

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