NEAT certification

NEAT stands for the science of nonexercise activity thermogenesis, developed by Mayo Clinic. The term "NEAT" is trademarked by Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic licenses the intellectual property behind NEAT to companies, allowing them to have nonexclusive use of this patented technology.

Mayo Clinic also provides certification licenses to companies whose products meet NEAT requirements.

Companies that are seeking NEAT certification need to send their products to Mayo Clinic for testing. Mayo Clinic will give certification for goods and services that facilitate, measure or incorporate the science of NEAT.

Companies need to be recertified every five years, as well as any time there are any changes in the product. Licensing and certification inquiries should be directed to Bruce R. Kline (, licensing manager, Mayo Clinic Ventures.

The NEAT-certification word mark is designed to inform customers that the product has been evaluated to determine its capability in helping people achieve specific goals related to activity or nutrition.

Watch a video of Mayo Clinic endocrinologist James A. Levine, M.D., Ph.D., discussing NEAT.

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