Top Ten Reasons Why Physicians/Scientists Choose
Mayo Clinic For Their Career Destination

  1. The people. Challenging patient cases and inspiring colleagues bring and keep physicians here.
  2. Priorities. Patients are the priority. No matter the question, the answer is always what's best for the patient.
  3. Resources. Access to colleagues. Sophisticated technology. Integrated systems. Ongoing education.
  4. Opportunities. Develop your skills. Conduct research. Mentor others.
  5. The culture. Collegial. Professional. Progressive.
  6. Change. You can make a difference through physicians leadership, committee involvements, quality improvement work.
  7. Financial stability. Translates into peace of mind.
  8. The place. Clean, bright, pleasant to work in. Beautiful art and architecture.
  9. The choices. Excellent employer benefits, programs, and services. A great community in which to work and live.
  10. Pride. You can be proud to say that you work for Mayo Clinic.