Brian Chong, M.D.

Mayo Clinic in Arizona

Dr. Brian Chong practiced medicine at two University of California medical centers ( San Diego and Davis), the University of Utah, and at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Wash. In 2004, he accepted an offer from Mayo Clinic in Arizona to develop and lead an endovascular surgical neuroradiology practice.

"What attracted me most to Mayo was that really the system is geared to putting the patient first," says Dr. Chong. "Everybody in academic medicine and in private practice says the patient comes first. But in academic medicine, there is a different currency and, in private practice, there's a different currency. And the currencies aren't always in sync with the patient's needs.

"In the Mayo system, the whole structure is built around the directive that the patient's needs come first. No system is perfect, but this one certainly strives to deliver optimal care to the patient," Dr. Chong says.

Even as a new arrival, Dr. Chong says he felt welcomed by his Mayo colleagues. "The system certainly fosters collaboration, but I think, ultimately, collaboration comes down to the individuals and personalities involved," he says.

"I've been extremely fortunate. I may be in a small niche of Mayo Clinic, but my niche has been fantastic. The personalities involved are just outstanding in terms of their expertise, their facilitative nature and their motivation and passion to really do the right thing for the patient. So it's been ideal for me."