The Mayo Clinic Department of Public Affairs offers internships that provide hands-on work experience for students in the fields of communications, journalism, public relations and marketing.

Serving the needs of audiences that include employees, patients and the public, the Department of Public Affairs offers a broad spectrum of experience in the field of corporate communications.

Department of Public Affairs staff members use a diverse range of media, including the Internet, intranet, print and electronic publications, and audio and video recordings, to effectively convey institutional messages. Interns have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge through collaboration with experienced colleagues.

The goal of communication activity at Mayo Clinic is to further our primary value: "The needs of the patient come first." Our staff works toward that goal directly and indirectly, each and every day.

The Mayo Clinic atmosphere is energizing, professional and respectful. The need for excellent communicators is constant. Assignments are interesting and varied. An internship with Mayo Clinic will be a valuable learning opportunity — one that we believe you will never forget.