Undergraduate internships

The Mayo Clinic Division of Engineering offers undergraduate internships to students who have completed two years of an engineering curriculum, such as electrical, mechanical, software, chemical or biomedical engineering.

While the goal of the internship is to provide exposure to a diverse cross section of engineering and development activities, the actual work done by interns is highly dependent on the work that is ongoing within the Division of Engineering at the time of the internship.

Ultimately, a successful internship involves having the intern experience a wide range of activities, including project initiation, conceptual and detailed product design, testing, deployment, and project closure.

Graduate internships

Graduate internships within the Division of Engineering are for students enrolled in a graduate-level engineering program. While the undergraduate internship seeks to expose students to a broad set of engineering activities, the graduate internship focuses on a specific assignment related to a system or device being developed within the Division of Engineering.

A successful graduate internship allows the intern to participate in activities such as modeling or simulation, analysis, conceptual design, and solid modeling or circuit design, all leading to an actual product being delivered to our medical staff.