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Learn more about innovation and design at Mayo Clinic or the types of projects you could be working on.

The Center for Innovation Internship is an opportunity for you to gain hands-on experience while working with Mayo Clinic professionals.

Paid internships are available within the Center for Innovation for undergraduate juniors and seniors and graduate students. Three-month programs or semester programs are offered throughout the year depending on the availability of qualified students. Opportunities may be available to extend longer than a semester if you have an interest and Mayo Clinic has the capacity and project need.

We are looking for students who are interested in applying their skills within the health care space. The Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation provides an opportunity in a multidisciplinary setting for any design, engineering or health care administration student to grow by applying their skills in "making" through a direct interface with users and their needs, including consumers, patients and health care providers.

Our team of over 50 staff — including service designers, project managers and innovation coordinators — represents backgrounds that include service design, industrial design, process design, health care administration, clinic operations and electrical engineering, to name a few.

Examples of potential projects you may experience as an innovation intern:

  • Improving the way care is delivered within the clinical practice
  • Developing tools or products to meet the needs of patients, providers or consumers
  • Participating in design-driven efforts to envision the future of health care


All interns begin with an orientation designed to acclimate them to Mayo Clinic and the Center for Innovation.

Program feedback

You have the opportunity to give and receive feedback throughout the internship. Discussions may include these topics:

  • Report on a project's status to your mentor or during project team meetings
  • Learn how your work is contributing to the organization
  • Participate in evaluating your strengths
  • Discuss areas needing growth and development
  • Get insight about what work lies ahead
  • Deliver a final report or presentation on internship learnings and projects
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Professional development activities

You are encouraged to broaden your experience by observing other departments and roles across the clinic for a day.

Pay and benefits

  • Hourly pay rate of $20
  • Work email account
  • Mayo Clinic-sponsored recreational programs
  • Discounted tickets to local and regional special events
  • Liability insurance while working

Housing, transportation and parking

You will need to make your own arrangements for housing and traveling to and from work.

Options include:

  • Driving or carpooling to a park-and-ride lot, from which you take a Rochester Public Transit bus (Mayo Clinic pays for your bus pass) to the Mayo Clinic campus
  • Taking public bus transportation on Rochester Public Transit (Mayo Clinic pays for your bus pass) to the Mayo Clinic campus
  • Biking
  • Carpooling
Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation team collaborating