Eric A. Aguirre, R.N.

Participant, Summer III Nursing Externship

Eric A. Aguirre, R.N.: I came as a Summer III. I started up on a thoracic floor, and then I moved into the ICU. The internship program here, the Summer III program, is a great opportunity for nurses, and I would highly recommend nurses to apply for it. Just, it gives you that advantage. So working here at Mayo, for me, is a life-changing career.

Angie M. Bergsten

Participant, Business Consulting Fellowship

Angie M. Bergsten: I chose a training program at Mayo Clinic because of the resources that would be available to me as a trainee. I had access to a lot of different classes in a wide variety of different areas, and also I just think the team spirit at Mayo Clinic really benefited me as a trainee here.

Having a job that is mentally stimulating and also provides you a great work-life balance … working for an employer that gives you great benefits, even as a trainee, really makes all the difference. When you're happy at work, you're just a happier person all the way around.

Mayo Clinic offers students and new graduates a chance to gain quality career experience as interns. You will learn through daily, on-the-job interaction with colleagues and will become a valued member of the Mayo Clinic team.

Additional internships may be available but not listed on this page.

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