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Sawra A. Maurer, P.A.-C., Gastroenterology and Hepatology

"I enjoy working as a physician assistant at Mayo Clinic because I truly feel like a vital member of the team. I am treated as a colleague. In addition, I feel very fortunate to have great access to experts in multiple different specialties. Everyone is always willing to share their expertise in order to help our patients. Lastly, I feel that Mayo as a whole recognizes the important role that physician assistants and nurse practitioners play in providing high-quality health care at Mayo."

Jody A. Weckwerth, P.A.-C., Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

"Practicing as a physician assistant at Mayo Clinic offers me the opportunity to interact with a large variety of other providers, many of whom have nationally recognized expertise in their field. Collaboration between all providers who care for each patient is a way of life here."

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