Professional Development

Mayo Clinic places a premium on continuous learning and improvement of its staff and processes in order to best serve the patient. With more than 250 pharmacists working at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, professional opportunities and resources are readily available.

On-site education programs make it possible for you to meet re-licensure needs and continually expand your professional knowledge and skills. In-service classes address the latest advances in technology and skills within your area of practice. Mayo pharmacists have opportunities to attend national and regional conferences, and receive department support in preparing for the Pharmacotherapy Board of Certification exam. You will have access to nearby academic programs, including the University of Minnesota-Rochester. Tuition reimbursement is available for related college courses.

Each of these features of your work environment expands your professional latitude for change, advancement and opportunity. With Mayo Clinic, there are opportunities for you to direct your own career path. Mayo will be your partner in helping you reach your destination.