Meet the Staff

Sonia D. Winslett, Internal Audit Services

"Internal Audit, with input from leadership, identifies potential institutional risks, reviews the processes of departments, determines whether adequate internal controls are in place and performs tests to determine whether a department's processes are yielding the desired results. Therefore, Internal Audit works proactively to contribute to the stability of Mayo Clinic."

"The Internal Audit work is performed in teams. It is through teamwork that we move in one focused direction with a successful outcome. I continue to work at Mayo because there is much diversity in opportunities at Mayo. Mayo is an experience; the patient comes first."

Jay Ness, Rochester Management Accounting

"As an analyst, I work on the Internal Medicine team and support the Divisions of Cardiovascular Diseases, Infectious Diseases and the Vascular Center. My job responsibilities include reporting on financial results, advising leadership on financial implications of decisions made, and working with administrators on financial issues. The divisions I support have had some technology advances recently that provide better patient care. Working with physicians and administrators in predicting the financial implications of these new technologies has been satisfying for me."

"The best part of my job is coming to work every day with a great group of people. That includes my team members, physician leadership and administrators. I would describe working at Mayo as very fulfilling and I look forward to many more opportunities here. It's a great place to work and a great community."

Binal Patel, Procurement Coordinator

"I began my career at Mayo Clinic as a finance trainee and have had many opportunities to grow within the organization. At Mayo, you can have multiple professions in your lifetime within the same organization. I am now working in Materials Management/Purchasing as procurement coordinator. In my current role and as I rotated throughout the Finance Department as a trainee, I have worked in team environments where I can ask questions to reach conclusions. This environment helps me make the best decisions."

Scott Wilde, Foundation Patient Account Services

"I am the managing supervisor of Patient Account Services. Some of my responsibilities include coordinating and overseeing company and collection agency services, consulting with personnel regarding collection processes and account management, and analyzing, designing and managing workflow and staffing processes of the work teams. Much of my work contributes directly to patient care. In PAS we want to make sure that our phones are staffed appropriately so that we can answer patient calls promptly and provide efficient customer service."

"I recently had a very satisfying work experience with a project where I had staff form committees to look at standards and come up with measurements for performance. The committees developed the standards, presented the information to all staff and were very successful. It was rewarding to have such a successful outcome."

Jennifer Marine, Coder

"My major responsibilities are reviewing medical records to apply diagnosis and procedure codes in compliance with current regulations, policies and procedures. I must understand medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, surgical technology, pharmacology and the disease process to fulfill my role. I learn something new on my job every day because every medical record is different."