Frequently Asked Questions

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Get answers to frequently asked questions about salary, teleworking, career advancement and more.

What is the salary of a clinical assistant, medical secretary and patient appointment coordinator at Mayo Clinic?

Salary is commensurate with experience. People with two or more years of recent role-related job experience are compensated with a greater beginning salary. Pay periods are every two weeks.

Mayo's salary program offers these benefits:

  • Predictable review of salary ranges
  • External job market comparisons
  • Predictable advancement through salary ranges for staff meeting job performance standards
  • Shift differential supplements for off-shift hours (from $1.90 to $4.50 an hour)
  • Relocation package for qualified candidates

Can I be hired at Mayo Clinic and then trained as a clinical assistant, medical secretary or patient appointment coordinator?

Mayo Clinic offers no training programs in these roles.

May I work at home in any of these positions?

Photo of a Mayo Clinic patient appointment coordinator

Home-based telework may be available for employees in Mayo's patient appointment coordinator role. Currently, within the patient appointment coordinator role, there are about 50 staff members who telework from home across the country.

At this time, patient appointment coordinators are not hired directly into telework positions, as the role requires six to 12 months of extensive on-campus orientation.

Does Mayo pay for relocation expenses?

Yes, if relocating from more than 70 miles from Rochester, Minnesota, to within 35 miles of Rochester.

What are my chances for advancement?

An individual's personal motivation steers the career development process. Employees need to be actively involved in planning their careers; supervisors are responsible for providing feedback and coaching, and Mayo makes information and resources available.

Mayo offers employee and management education courses, in addition to tuition assistance for those who wish to enroll in college courses after one year of service.

Is it possible for me to transfer to the Mayo campuses in Jacksonville, Florida, or Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona?

Yes. Generally, supervisors expect a minimum of one year of satisfactory performance in an employee's current assignment before he or she is considered a candidate for transfer. Payment of relocation expenses is negotiable.

How do I find housing and child care?

Information about housing can be obtained from the Rochester Post-Bulletin, which is published daily. The Rochester Real Estate Directory also lists available rental properties.

An annual fee for child care referral service paid by Mayo is available for employees. Mayo also provides free on-site child care for ill children of Mayo staff members, as well as a backup child care program that provides employees with emergency child care options when normal arrangements are temporarily unavailable due to a vacationing or ill provider.