Work Areas in Laboratory Medicine

Lab workers

Mayo Clinic's Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology includes 50 specialty laboratories that fall within the following divisions:

Anatomic Pathology

Anatomic Pathology's mission is to provide the highest quality pathology services in clinical practice, research, and education while striving to broaden our understanding of human disease. Learn more about Anatomic Pathology (PDF).

Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology

Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology provides diagnostic testing for antibodies, enzymes, peptides, proteins, and small molecular weight biochemicals such as products of metabolism, drugs, and hormones. Learn more about Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology (PDF).

Clinical Microbiology

Clinical Microbiology provides a comprehensive array of conventional culture, direct exam and antimicrobial susceptibility testing, molecular diagnostic testing, and serologic testing for diagnosing infectious diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. Learn more about Clinical Microbiology (PDF).

Clinical Core Laboratory Services (CCLS)

CCLS provides a wide range of services for hospital inpatients and clinic outpatients. The services offered include: specimen collections, tuberculin testing, hospital-based point of care testing, hospital-based STAT diagnostic testing, Mayo Family Practice laboratories (limited menus for on-site collection and testing), and a variety of services unique to the individual work area. Learn more about CCLS (PDF).


Hematopathology encompasses a number of specialty labs that perform both basic and specialized hematology testing. Our laboratories utilize instrumentation, microscopic review and morphologic evaluation to obtain the complete hematologic picture of our patients. Learn more about Hematopathology (PDF).

Laboratory Genetics

Laboratory Genetics contributes to the study of genetic disease and the advancement of genetic testing and related technology. Learn more about Laboratory Genetics (PDF).

Transfusion Medicine

Transfusion Medicine includes the "Blood Bank", but also many other activities vital to patient care, including stem cell collection and processing for bone marrow transplants, solid organ compatibility testing, and intraoperative blood salvage. Learn more about Transfusion Medicine (PDF).