High School Diploma/GED

Laboratory Services Technician/Phlebotomist

Laboratory Services Technicians are primarily responsible for the collection of blood samples for laboratory testing by venipuncture or skin puncture. Laboratory Service Technicians must be aware of the tests requested, any medications a patient is taking that may interfere with the ordered test, the correct timing of collections, the effect of diet, and any other preanalytical factors that could affect specimen integrity. Laboratory Services Technicians perform other duties such as bleeding times, limited point of care (POC) testing, and limited specimen preparation.

Vascular Access Team Technician

Vascular Access Team Technicians are responsible for the collection of blood samples for the testing laboratory by venipunctures; skin punctures; arterial punctures; arterial, right atrial, and pulmonary artery line collections; IV placement; and site care in the intensive care units. Technicians perform point of care (POC) testing from blood specimens collected on hospitalized patients and provide POC data to aid in physician diagnosis and treatment of patients. Vascular Access Team Technicians work closely with physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and the hospital clinical laboratory to provide high-quality, efficient services.

Laboratory Assistant

Laboratory Assistants are responsible for the preanalytical processing of patient blood and body fluid collections that are delivered to the laboratory 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. They perform duties that include sorting, centrifuging, allocating, and delivering specimens to the appropriate testing laboratories in a timely and efficient manner to meet turnaround times designated by the department. Laboratory Assistants also perform sedrate testing and are responsible for accurate reporting of test results. Other duties include maintaining an organized, long-term specimen storage system; serving as a resource for physicians, consultants, and other laboratory personnel regarding specimen handling and processing; and identifying problems and working diligently to resolve them.