Professional Growth in Laboratory Medicine

The department recognizes that leadership is essential to ensure high quality and cost-effective pathology and laboratory services. Technologists working in the clinical laboratories at Mayo Clinic who are interested in advancement opportunities within the labs have several tracks from which to choose:

Development Technologist Track

The Development Technologist Track is designed for technically skilled technologists with several years of experience in the clinical laboratories. These technologists generally have honed their skills on routine diagnostic assays and are able to use those skills as a development technologist. In the Development Track, technologists spend their time developing new tests using either commercially available kits or Mayo Clinic-developed assays. They also develop and apply new technologies to existing tests. Individuals with the Development Track are also involved in writing scientific papers and presenting findings at local and national scientific meetings.

Mark, Development Coordinator
Biochemical Genetics Laboratory

"The Development Track depends upon the direction and mentorship from individuals who identified my education, skills, and experience as valuable to the laboratory, division, and department. As Development Coordinator of the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory, I now have the rewarding task of mentoring and assisting others in achieving their career goals."

Technical Track

The technical specialist track has been developed to encourage individuals to utilize their knowledge and expertise in such areas as computer systems, education, instrumentation, physician extenders, and quality assurance.

Professional opportunities in this track: Technical Specialist I&II and Technical Specialist Coordinator III.

Joel, Equipment Specialist
Special Coagulation Laboratory

"I began work at Mayo Clinic in 1997 as a Medical Technologist in the Special Coagulation Laboratory. I am currently the equipment specialist and am responsible for maintaining and resolving problems for all of the lab's equipment. I troubleshoot the equipment myself, work with the lab services group, or communicate with the instrument manufacturer. I also work at the bench approximately two or three days a week when needed."

Education Track

The Education Track is designed for those individuals who have developed strong teaching and training skills in the clinical laboratories. In the Education Track, these specialists teach students, train employees, and design schedules and curriculum.

Professional opportunities in this track: Education Specialist I&II and Education Program Coordinator.

Quality Track

The Quality Track is designed for individuals with outstanding attention to detail, record keeping, and analytical skills. Our quality specialists lead individual laboratory audits and inspections by national accrediting agencies.

Professional opportunities in this track: Quality Specialist I&II.

Management Track

The Management Track is designed for those individuals who have developed strong skills at the bench and are interested in the "big picture" of leading a diagnostic laboratory. Individuals within this track develop a new set of skills, including skills that allow them to bridge the gap between the technical and the business sides of laboratory testing.

Sue, Supervisor
Renal Laboratory

"Moving into a supervisory role has been very rewarding. I've only been a supervisor for nine months, so I still have lots of learning to do! In the Renal Lab, we try to let people take part in continuous education whenever we can fit it in with our workload."