At Mayo Clinic, you can focus on your health while we take care of keeping you safe.

Here are six important ways we're protecting staff and visitors from COVID-19.

  1. COVID-19 screenings
    • For all staff, patients and visitors
    • At all entrances
    • So we can offer separate care for people with symptoms or exposure
  2. Limits to the number of people on campus
    • So it's easy to maintain social distancing
  3. Masking for all patients, visitors and staff
    • Even during exams and consultations
    • When everyone is masked, virus spread is greatly reduced
  4. Enough PPE to keep staff safe
    • Personal protective equipment for staff keeps you safe, too
  5. A science-based approach to enhanced cleaning and sanitizing
    • After every patient
    • Throughout the day
    • On every surface
  6. Guidance for our communities
    • We're sharing the science of prevention so our communities are safe for patients and visitors
Sept. 25, 2020