Antidepressants for children and teens

Antidepressants have warnings about suicidal thinking, but they may also provide the most effective treatment for your child's depression. These facts can help guide your decision.

BMI calculator


If your child is being bullied, get involved. Find out what's happening — and know how to respond.

Cast care

Children and divorce

Explaining to your child why mom and dad are calling it quits is easier said than done. Here's help.

Children and gender identity

College depression

Dehydration and youth sports

Fast food: Tips for choosing healthier options

Fitness ideas for the entire family

Healthy body image

Helping children cope

HPV vaccine

Inhalant abuse: Is your child at risk?

Iron deficiency in children

Limiting screen time

Mental illness in children: Know the signs

Performance-enhancing drugs

Piercings: How to prevent complications

Sex education

Single-parenting tips


Strength training for kids

Sudden death in young people: Heart problems often blamed

Talking about menstruation

Talking to your teen about sex


Teen drug abuse

Teen drug abuse can be prevented. Follow these tips to help protect your teen.

Teen eating disorders

Teen sleep

Teen smoking

Teen smoking

Teen suicide

Is your teen at risk of suicide? Get the facts.

Teen texting

Teen weight loss

Teenage pregnancy

Teens and sex

Tips for parenting teens

Underage drinking

Want to talk to your teen about drinking? Here's help explaining the risks and preventing underage alcohol use.

July 20, 2016