Put your plan into action

It may help to write down the details of your plan. Be sure to really commit to it before giving up or trying something else. Believe in yourself and go for it.

Reflect on your experience

You're not done problem-solving quite yet. Experience is a great teacher, if you're willing to take a little time for reflection.

  • Did your solution solve the problem?
  • If not, what issues remain unresolved?
  • What would you do differently the next time?

Mission accomplished?

Problem-solving is a natural human talent. We're born solving problems from our first attempts as babies to grasp and crawl. We may not count the thousands of choices we make each day as problem-solving, but that's what they are. So when you focus on solving more complicated problems, have the confidence of knowing that you've got plenty of experience behind you.

April 28, 2016 See more In-depth