Smart practices for healthy living

Dietary supplements may be popular, but are they right for you? That depends. Like medications, dietary supplements contain ingredients that affect how your body functions. Although dietary supplements can be beneficial, in some instances they can be risky.

As you learn more about the vitamins, minerals, botanicals, enzymes and amino acids that are the ingredients in dietary supplements, keep these points in mind:

  1. Wellness requires an overall solid foundation in health-promoting activities. Good nutrition, physical activity, stress management and social support are key elements for every individual.
  2. It is important to build that solid foundation in health-promoting activities before considering the use of dietary supplements.
  3. If you think a dietary supplement might help you meet your overall health goals, talk to your health care professional about it. This step can help prevent a potential supplement-drug interaction or side effect. A team approach is always the best way to optimize your health and wellness.
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