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Resolutions: Do more than make a list

By Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. January 14, 2015

I recently saw a declaration of "15 resolutions for 2015." Sounds good. But as the wow factor wore off, I began to wonder if it's really possible to accomplish 15 significant resolutions in one year. This is the difference between a dream and reality.

You need the dream. It is the inspiration. But a closer look at your reality can help you figure how to reach your goal.

Here's a stepwise approach:

  • Aspire: What is your goal?
  • Effort: Recognize the effort to reach your goal?
  • Plan: What steps will you take to get to your goal? How will you handle barriers and set-backs?
  • Prepare: Do you need to make space get equipment, a journal or an app to start and keep going?
  • Work: What will you do each day or a few times a week to make your dream become reality?

What are you aspirations for 2015? Eat better, exercise, stress reduction? Make your list, keep it short but include details. Take it one step, one detail, one day at a time.

Jan. 14, 2015