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Healthier Halloween treats for kids of all ages

By Jennifer K. Nelson, R.D., L.D. October 21, 2015

Last year my colleague Katherine blogged about food fun for healthy Halloween treats. I'm going to continue the theme this year with more fun and healthy ideas for Halloween week.

  • Apple mummies. Partially peel apples, leaving horizontal strips, cut them in half and core. Then place halves flat side down and add mini chocolate chip or raisin eyes, and ugly smiles (apple wedge, filled with peanut butter and almond teeth).
  • Eyeball appetizers. Make cherry tomato eyeballs by coring and filling tomatoes with whipped low-fat cream cheese, and then topping with black or green olive slices.
  • Ghoulish gourds. Bake a small pumpkin or winter squash. Carefully remove top and scoop out seeds. Fill the gourd with your favorite soup, stew or whole-grain dish. For an appetizer version, core and fill small orange bell peppers with savory grains or flaked tuna.
  • Scary soups. Serve blood red tomato or beet soup with whole-grain breadstick fingers.
  • Monster melts. Top a whole-grain flatbread with a smear of tomato paste and decorate to look like a mummy (long strips of cheese with olive eyes) or a spider web (narrow peels of string cheese and olive spiders), or top flatbread with ghost-shaped cheese cutouts. Heat and serve.
  • Crazy candy corn. Prepare candy corn kebobs by skewering pineapple, then mandarin orange segments and topping with apple wedges. Or make a candy corn parfait by layering lemon, orange and white low-fat pudding in shooter glasses (small tall glasses).
  • Spooky sweets. Serve poached pear ghosts with clove eyes or frozen banana ghost pops (peel and cut bananas in half cross-wise, put on sticks and add mini-chocolate chips for eyes).

These are just a few ideas to bring holiday fun to your table or party. Share your ideas for other healthy Halloween fare.

Have you been reading about edible bugs? Watch for a future blog on this!

Oct. 21, 2015