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Halloween is the perfect time to play with your food

By Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. October 30, 2014

Halloween can be fun with or without candy. It's true, you can avoid the candy crush and still enjoy the whimsical spirit of the holiday by tapping into your creative side. The trick is play with your food.

I remember in fourth grade my innovative teacher combined art and science. We carved a face into an apple and left it out to dry. It transformed into a wrinkly, grouchy face.

Create some memories and perhaps a new, healthy tradition, with your family with these ideas:

  • A is for apple. Thinly slice applies and oven dry for a naturally sweet treat. Serve fresh or dried with fruit dip. If you are talented with a knife, carve whole apple to mimic animal shapes or a basketball or baseball.
  • Crafty fun. Cut vegetables in to matchstick, circles and various shapes, and invite your family to use them to make silly or scary faces, skeletons or a haunted house.
  • Wrapped in goodness. Use string or strips of white cheese to make "mummy wrapping" on crackers, toast, or English muffin pizzas.
  • Monster melt. Melt cheese on a whole grain tortilla, top with finely chopped lettuce for crazy hair, use sliced tomatoes and black beans to make eyes, a nose, mouth and any other frightening features.

Don't let candy define your holiday or your waistline. There are many creative ways to bring holiday fun to your dinner table or Halloween party. How will you do it?

Oct. 30, 2014