Slide show: Tips for choosing and using walkers
Illustration of a walker with accessories
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Certain options and accessories can make your walker easier to use and more useful. For example:

  • Some walkers fold for easy storage and transport.
  • Some walkers with wheels have hand brakes.
  • Trays can help you carry food, drinks and other items to a table.
  • A pouch attached to the side can carry books or magazines.
  • Seats are useful for people with limited endurance who need to take breaks while walking.
  • Baskets are useful for people who shop while using a walker.

Whatever walker you choose, don't overload it and make sure you maintain it. Worn-out or loose rubber caps or grips and loose or excessively tight brakes might increase your risk of falling while using a walker. For help maintaining a walker, consult your doctor or physical therapist.

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