If you're considering a home care services agency:

  • How does the agency handle expenses and billing? Ask for literature explaining all services and fees, as well as detailed explanations of all costs associated with home care.
  • Will agency fees be covered by health insurance or Medicare? Check to see what kind of coverage your health insurance offers, and be sure to understand what criteria Medicare requires. For instance, do they require your loved one to be homebound?
  • What resources does the agency provide for financial assistance, if needed? For instance, is a payment plan available?
  • Get details about costs and payments in writing.

If you're considering a home health aide:

  • How much does the aide charge for home health services? What services are included in those fees?
  • What about payment for sick days, vacation days or holidays? Clarify how many sick and vacation days are allowed, as well as which days are considered holidays.
  • Will you be responsible for social security and other payroll taxes?

Understanding services

Whether you're considering a home care services agency or a home health aide, you might ask these questions about services:

  • Will you receive a written care plan before service begins? The care plan should include details about medical equipment, specific care needs, and responsibilities of the aide or agency. It should also contain input from the doctor, and be updated frequently.
  • Will you receive a list of the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved? This is sometimes known as a patient's bill of rights.
  • Will the agency work directly with you or your loved one, family members, and health care providers?
  • Do you need to identify a primary family caregiver? If so, what's required of that person?
  • When will service be provided? Is care available round-the-clock, if necessary?
  • What procedures are in place for emergencies? Ask how the agency or home health aide will deliver services in the event of a power failure or natural disaster.
  • How are problems addressed and resolved? Whom can you or another family member contact with requests, questions or complaints?
  • When can services begin?

Monitor your home care services

After you've found a home care services provider, set up a plan to monitor and evaluate the situation. If you're concerned about the care or services provided, discuss the issue promptly with the agency or home health aide. If necessary, involve your loved one's doctor.

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