Slide show: A look inside your eyes
Illustration of the pupil, iris and sclera
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The front of your eye has major parts:

  • Sclera. This is the white part of your eye. It is a tough outer wall that helps protect the eye's delicate internal structures. A thin transparent tissue, called the conjunctiva, covers the sclera. Some of the blood vessels visible in the white part of your eye are located within the conjunctiva.
  • Pupil. This dark spot is an opening at the center of the iris. It regulates the amount of light that enters your eye.
  • Iris. This is the colored part of your eye. It contains a ring of muscle fibers that expand or contract the size of your pupil to control the amount of light entering your eye. This muscle also helps the eye's lens focus on the object of interest.
March 06, 2020