Paulette and Joe Maslick

'We just believe that it's been a road that we really should share'

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Paulette and Joe Maslick became seasonal residents of Arizona in 1997 to be closer to Paulette's parents. Already familiar with Mayo Clinic from their hometown in Chicago, they became involved with Mayo Clinic's Phoenix campus through their community's fundraising organization that has raised more than $5 million for cancer research.

Paulette also serves on the board of directors at Help in Healing Home for Mayo Clinic transplant patients.

Paulette and Joe met when he was a 20-year-old DePaul University student, and she was 16. Both were working in the Accounting Department of Griffith Foods, which began as an agriculture laboratory to bring science into the food industry. Paulette's father was the head of maintenance and had arranged for her to work there after school.

Paulette and Joe grew up on the south side of Chicago. Self-proclaimed American dream kids, neither of their parents had finished high school; yet, they were determined to go to college and make their parents proud.

The son of a carpenter, Joe continued to work part time at Griffith Foods while attending college. Paulette's family also insisted their children work. She continued to work at the laboratory weekends and summers while attending college at Northern Illinois University, where she obtained her degree in special education, and graduate school at Loyola University in Chicago, where she completed her master's in educational administration. She eventually switched careers to finance and retired after 20 years at a national brokerage firm. Joe still works for Griffith Foods, 46 years later.

"We started out with a really humble beginning, and from that, we've been moderately successful in regards to being able to move up in our life," says Joe. "We just believe that it's been a road that we really should share.

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