A Daughter in Need

A Mayo Medical School student demonstrates compassion in the face of uncertainty

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Mayo Medical School prepares students like Abby L'Heureux to be both exceptional doctors and leaders with the tools to transform medicine and health care.

When Robin Sly's mother arrived at the emergency department, her prognosis was grim. Robin's mother had beaten the odds often, but this time it didn't look like she'd pull through. Robin found solace with Abby L'Heureux, a Mayo Medical School student on rotation with the team assigned to her mother's care.

"Abby was there with a gentle hand, a soothing voice and a quiet comfort," says Robin. "Without ever overstepping her medical knowledge, she answered my questions and concerns, and truly consoled me. In a sense, she became 'my doctor.' "

As the medical team worked on answers for Robin's mother, Abby humbly observed their expertise in action. As the care progressed, Abby turned her attention to Robin and guided her through the care process.

"Abby was there every step of the way, always during the times when a daughter losing a mother most needed it," says Robin. "The future Dr. Abby L'Heureux is amongst the finest medical professionals I have ever had the privilege of interacting with."

Inspiring the next generation

Mayo Medical School instills the next generation of physician leaders with respect, teamwork and compassion. It prepares students like Abby to be both exceptional doctors and leaders with the tools to transform medicine and health care.

Mayo Medical School nurtures and develops skills students can use to educate and inspire others to care for the complete patient. Mayo medical students carry forward Mayo Clinic's heritage — 150 years of clinical expertise — combined with a new medical school curriculum that incorporates the science of health care delivery, blended learning, interprofessional education, and health and wellness.

Mayo Medical School provides the right environment for future physician leaders like Abby to hone their clinical acumen and raise the standard for health care.

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Uniting forces

Calvin "C.J." Johnson

Calvin "C.J." Johnson, president of Healthcare Systems at Sodexo, calls Mayo Clinic one of the world's few "enlightened health care institutions." That's why he convinced his company, an international service company, to make a significant donation to Mayo Medical School.

"When we give large gifts like this, there has to be an aligning of missions," he says. "Both Mayo Clinic and Sodexo strive to improve the lives of those we touch every day."

One aspect of those missions is commitment to diversity, which Sodexo believes is critical for success. The company operates in more than 70 countries on every continent except Antarctica, so it knows firsthand that an approach that works in Phoenix might not work in Sanaa, Yemen, or Santiago, Chile.

"With this gift we are supporting students becoming ambassadors of Mayo around the world," C.J. says. He hopes the gift will enhance Mayo Medical School's effort to recruit people from all walks of life and, upon graduation, students will take the Mayo Clinic Model of Care home with them and adapt it to their culture, wherever they may live.

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