Urologic Conditions

The depth and breadth of urology care at Mayo Clinic is extraordinary, but our patients with complex medical needs require a persistent commitment to advancing the treatment of urologic conditions. From curing cancer to restoring fertility, treating kidney stones to addressing incontinence, the care we deliver touches all aspects of life.

Urologic conditions are not always top of mind, but their presence has a significant impact on people's lives. These conditions affect men and women of all ages, from infants to the elderly. Urology is a subspecialty of medicine that most people will need at some point in their life.

Our Vision

Mayo Clinic is home to some of the world's best urologists who continue to leverage high patient volumes, patient registry data and biological samples to advance discoveries that improve how we practice medicine. Our physicians and researchers work diligently every day to provide patients with the best possible treatment options.

Where others deem treatment and surgical intervention impossible, Mayo Clinic urologists have operated and improved patients' lives. We must continue to translate our basic scientific discoveries to determine which patients may benefit most from treatment, providing the best individualized approach.

Patients come to the Mayo Clinic Department of Urology from around the world, and they often have medical issues that other institutions were unable to diagnose or cure. Services provided under the urology umbrella include cancer care, fertility treatment, complications associated with aging and many other conditions. Mayo Clinic is committed to providing answers to these patients.

The Solution

Research is an integral part of our urologic practice. Mayo Clinic is pursuing translational research in regenerative medicine and surgical immunology while also maintaining three urology cancer registries that focus on cancers of the prostate, kidney and bladder. Combined, they represent data from more than 50,000 patients, making the registries some of the largest, continuous patient-tracking efforts in the world.

Our urologists collaborate with laboratory and clinical scientists to extend their capabilities and treat diseases that may impact other areas of focus. Collaboration paves a new path for research to advance, allowing for better results to be obtained faster.

Philanthropy plays a vital role in keeping Mayo Clinic's urology practice at the forefront of innovation and individualized care. Benefactor support fuels our efforts and allows us to advance our research, resulting in more breakthroughs to provide treatment for urology patients around the world. Give today.