Regenerative Medicine

Chronic diseases are quickly becoming the most prevalent threat to health. In North America alone, one in two adults suffer from one or more chronic health conditions. After the onset of most chronic diseases or injuries, the damage is there to stay — such as scarring of heart tissue from a heart attack, islet cell dysfunction in diabetes or a spinal cord injury from an accident. Symptoms can be managed, oftentimes with good success, but the underlying tissue or organ damage remains unhealed and can cause complications over time.

Mayo Clinic believes it doesn't have to be this way, embracing regenerative medicine as a critical component in all of its activities and deploying its potential across medical and surgical specialties to address unmet patient needs.

Our Vision

Imagine a world without organ failure, oxygen tanks and osteoarthritis — a place where insulin is a treatment of the past and "incurable" is no longer in the lexicon of health care professionals. Imagine if you could become the cure to your condition, able to empower the previously untapped capability of your body to regenerate, rejuvenate and repair. That is the promise of regenerative medicine.

The human body is designed to heal itself. When we suffer a cut, we bleed. The body sends a signal for the blood to clot, and in a few moments the bleeding ceases. This simple yet effective response from our own body is lifesaving.

Mayo Clinic has a long history of providing first-in-class health care to patients. Advancing regenerative medicine will accelerate research enabling the repair of diseased, injured and defective tissues and organs. Stroke, heart failure, cancer, spinal cord injury, diabetes and other complex diseases stand to benefit from previously unimaginable therapies brought to reality by rapidly advancing regenerative science.

The Solution

Regenerative medicine is transforming today's health care of "fighting disease" to tomorrow's health care of "restoring health." By tapping into and boosting the body's natural ability to heal, our physician-scientist teams are breaking new ground and providing hope and healing to patients who face life-threatening conditions.

Advancing initial discoveries into powerful new therapies is essential to creating the future of health care. To accomplish this, the Center for Regenerative Medicine has a strategic focus on taking regenerative discoveries from the researcher's bench and rapidly bringing it to the patient's bedside.

Before the Mayo Clinic Center for Regenerative Medicine, it could take years for physicians to develop the essential expertise to create regenerative therapies and traverse the regulatory process. Today, the Center for Regenerative Medicine has created an indispensable pathway for medical specialties to bring their innovative discoveries to the patient.

Only a decade ago, the field of regenerative health care was an emerging model with the potential to revolutionize medicine. Today, with the help of benefactors like you, the Mayo Clinic Center for Regenerative Medicine is turning that promise into reality. Together, we can envision an even more promising tomorrow. Give today.