Medical Education and Research Training

In our rapidly changing health care environment, it is not enough to study the health care issues of today. Patient populations are becoming more diverse, with growing, complex health issues. And, while research and technology hold great promise for patient care, keeping up with the ever-evolving fields of medicine and scientific discovery poses a great challenge for care providers.

Providers need more than traditional basic science and clinical skills to provide the best care, advocate for their patients and drive positive change in the health care system to improve care for all. Researchers need to be able to anticipate and adapt to new fields of study to advance the science of medicine and address unmet patient needs. If medical education and research training do not evolve to help providers and researchers meet these increasing demands, patient care will suffer.

As Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine expands its national footprint, it must maintain financial stability as well as recruit the best and brightest minds. Inadequate scholarship support will make these endeavors challenging.

Our Vision

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science is boldly transforming medical education and research training to improve patient care, accelerate discovery and innovation, and advance the practice of medicine. Through a curriculum dedicated to lifelong learning, world-class faculty teach students to constantly exchange ideas and challenge traditional science with a quest for new knowledge that never stops. In this way, Mayo learners will be able to anticipate and address unmet patient needs and lead positive change in medicine for generations to come.

The Solution

As a globally recognized education innovator and collaborator, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science has the platform to influence the transformation of medical education and share our knowledge to ignite deep and sustainable change.

Central to Mayo Clinic's educational endeavors is the Mayo Clinic Model of Care, where we train health care leaders of the future on the importance of being patient-focused, the power of collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, the necessity of compassion in all that we do, and Mayo's commitment to innovation — allowing us to better address the unmet needs of our patients.

Innovative use of technology allows Mayo Clinic to expand the depth and breadth of educational training. Through such platforms as online learning, 3-D printing, holographic imaging, augmented human intelligence, robotics and simulation, students will become fluent in the use and application of technology as demand for these skills grows in the clinical setting.

A gift in support of education will create unrivaled learning opportunities and allow students to expand their experiences beyond the boundaries of the classroom. With your help, we will be able to recruit the best and the brightest through scholarship and provide a nimble curriculum that has the infrastructure to accommodate change. Philanthropy also empowers us to continually evaluate curricula and improve pedagogical approaches. Give today.