Expanding Mayo Clinic's Reach

Mayo Clinic is growing. Patients throughout the United States and the world seek out Mayo Clinic for the answers our physicians provide to people with complex health conditions.

Mayo Clinic is recognized for high-quality patient care more often than any other academic medical center in the nation. Being in demand because patients trust our care reflects Mayo Clinic's responsibility to provide a seamless, integrated experience. But we can only address the growing needs of our patients with help from benefactors.

Our Vision

As the demand for care at Mayo Clinic continues to grow, our multidisciplinary team of experts is committed to ensure patients continue to receive the highest-quality care. At the same time, Mayo Clinic is proactive by working with generous benefactors to address much-needed expansion projects.

Expansion means:

  • Providing patients with the best, whole-person care from world-renowned physicians.
  • More amenities for patients and their families.
  • Increased capacity to provide lifesaving treatments and care.
  • More discoveries translated into our integrated, seamless practice and shared with others in the medical community.

This work ensures that a hospital room is available when patients need one, that surgeries are scheduled in a timely manner, and that we continue our commitment to a patient experience that brings a high level of satisfaction and offers hope and healing to everyone who needs it.

The Solution

Through the philanthropy of generous benefactors, we can transform the future of medicine and continue to invest in highly personal, innovative care for the best possible outcomes.

Aligning Mayo Clinic's growth to our patients' needs will lead to expanded facilities and enhanced capabilities in the areas of cancer, cardiovascular disorders, neuroscience, organ transplantation and more.

These projects will provide an environment that is conducive to collaboration as well as more opportunities for our clinicians and researchers to conduct studies and clinical trials that bring new treatments to our patients.

Today, your support of Mayo Clinic is more important than ever.

Your generosity allows Mayo Clinic to expand and extend the advancements made across the institution to patients at Mayo and around the world. With your help, the possibilities are endless. Give today.