Biomedical Science

In medical practice, we provide the best choice of treatment based on current knowledge. Unfortunately, we do not always have a full understanding of the root causes of disease or the mechanisms that drive the treatments provided.

Every day, Mayo Clinic researchers dedicate themselves to finding answers to the unmet medical needs of patients. These are often the world's most complex and challenging health problems. By understanding the essence of disease, we can work toward stopping it in its tracks, preventing it with greater success or eradicating it with increased precision. The possibilities for discovery have never been greater, and the work involved has never been more complex.

Our Vision

Mayo Clinic conducts research to find answers for unmet medical needs. Many of today's medical treatments, procedures and disease-prevention approaches are the result of critical breakthroughs based on Mayo's scientific research.

The Mayo Model of Research transforms the practice of medicine by taking a uniquely collaborative approach to biomedical science. At Mayo Clinic, researchers and physician-scientists work side by side to transform scientific discoveries into breakthrough therapies and critical advances in patient care. By assembling comprehensive, multidisciplinary teams of exceptional scientists, engineers, technicians, geneticists and physicians to understand and treat disease, Mayo Clinic can leverage our world-class biomedical research faculty, technology and infrastructure — in addition to our gold standard of patient care — to take a distinctive approach to biomedical discovery.

The Solution

Advancing critical breakthroughs requires accelerating research across the discovery – translation – application continuum.

  • Mayo Clinic accelerates the delivery of scientific breakthroughs to transform the practice of medicine.
  • Instead of disparate discoveries, we view these as milestones along the research continuum.
  • From the discovery in our labs to translation and testing in clinical trials to application in our practice and across the world, we are committed to developing bridges to accelerate research and bring new solutions to patients.

With the help of benefactors like you, Mayo Clinic researchers can further strengthen and accelerate their work to meet the unmet needs of patients. Give today.