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Premium primary care, tailored to you

Mayo Clinic 365 Concierge Medicine in Jacksonville, Florida, is designed to meet your specific healthcare needs and suit your active lifestyle. Our exclusive membership-based program offers access to customized care and support, 24/7/365.

Our boutique medicine offices are conveniently located at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida. And Mayo Clinic 365 seamlessly blends in-person, digital and telehealth care to keep you connected to your care team anytime, anywhere.

Each Mayo Clinic 365 doctor sees a limited number of people to ensure the quality care and unhurried experience you deserve.

Deep medical expertise only Mayo Clinic can provide

Mayo Clinic's cutting-edge research and innovations inform everything we do. As a Mayo Clinic 365 member, you benefit from the latest evidence-based treatments from leading experts and can access easy referrals to subspecialty care if needed.

A woman with glasses sitting on a couch while holding a smartphone and video chatting with her concierge medicine doctor

Fundamental to Mayo Clinic 365 is the belief that the best healthcare is highly personalized. This is not a one-size-fits-all program. Your care plan is tailored to your specific healthcare needs.

And because our specialists work together closely, you get one coordinated care plan.

Ultimately, our focus is on helping you achieve better physical and mental health, a higher quality of life and a longer health span.

Healthcare has never felt like this

Every aspect of Mayo Clinic 365 is designed to provide you with a first-class experience, both in-person and virtually. Convenience and customization are paramount.

That's why you always have a direct line of communication with your dedicated care team. Your team knows you, your goals and your health history. Your team can provide the answers you need, whenever you need them.

In a healthcare landscape where people too often feel like a number, our patient satisfaction scores show that we offer something different: 97% of our concierge medicine members re-enroll each year.


  • Mayo Clinic 365 Concierge Medicine
  • Davis Building, 8th Floor
    4500 San Pablo Road
    Jacksonville, FL 32224
  • Phone: 904-956-0006
July 16, 2024

Mayo Clinic 365 Concierge Medicine in Florida