Relatos de pacientes con cáncer

  1. Joy-Carol-JoyHBPatio-featured.jpg

    Finding joy after rare neurologic diagnosis

    When Joy Carol finds something she is passionate about, she embraces it. A love of international development work and education led to a 35-year career working with international organizations, including the United Nations Development Programme, the Ford Foundation, Save the Children and Child Fund. Although New York City was her home base, Joy visited and supervised programs in more than 40 developing countries. In 2013, just after her 75th birthday, Joy was visiting friends in Greece when she first realized her…

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    Diversity in bone marrow transplantation gives gift of life to mom of five

    Family is everything to Felicia Curtis. The mom of five from Gainesville, Florida, knew she had to fight when she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2017, when she was 20 weeks pregnant with her youngest child. Over the next several months, Felicia underwent several rounds of chemotherapy to fight the cancer. Her son was born healthy at 33 weeks. The future was bright. But six months later, the cancer returned, and doctors said the…

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    "Divine design" gives multiple myeloma patient transplant, care at home

    Ann Arneson describes her journey to Mayo Clinic as “divine design.” Ann — a retired teacher, a leader in her church and ministry, mother, grandmother, and line dance enthusiast — is Mayo Clinic’s first bone marrow transplant patient to recover at home thanks to the new advanced care at home program. “I know that people and circumstances are not by chance, but for a purpose — part of a bigger plan,” says Ann. A brush…

  4. andrea-beckendorf-featured.jpg

    Preventive screening during COVID-19 pandemic leads to early diagnosis of treatable breast cancer

    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, health care providers have been concerned about a growing number of patients delaying or skipping preventive screenings because they have been hesitant to see their health care provider. Experts have stressed that it's not only safe to come in for preventive screenings, but also it's important to avoid future health problems or catch them early when they are easier to treat. That's particularly true when it comes to cancer. No one…

  5. goins-feature.jpg

    Dancing through complex care during COVID-19

    Twin Cities journalist Sonya Goins, like so many, has been coping with the challenges that have come with the COVID-19 pandemic, such as working remotely and not being able to see family and friends. If all of that weren't difficult enough, for the past year, she's also been battling breast cancer and Crohn's disease at Mayo Clinic. Watch: Dancing through complex care during COVID-19. Journalists: Broadcast-quality video (5:08) is in the downloads at the…

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    Complex brain surgery gives woman more time with family

    Julie Berg's life revolves around three things: family, friends and faith. The 79-year-old has a large extended family that enjoys celebrating large and small milestones together, and she has a wide network of close-knit friends across two states. Through it all, her strong Catholic faith has been the foundation of her life. When Julie's health was tested, she leaned on her family, friends and faith for support. For 10 years, Julie and her husband, Jim…

  7. Unique neurologic symptoms lead to surprising cancer diagnosis

    A team of scientists from Mayo Clinic and two other institutions published a study in 2019 that showed the existence of an autoimmune disorder that affects men. The disorder causes the immune system to attack the brain, causing severe neurologic symptoms. That's what happened to a Florida man, and his search for answers led him [...]

  8. One last adventure for patient entering hospice

    Aggie Morgan has always been adventurous. She's been skydiving, scuba diving and enjoyed vacations with her husband, John Morgan, in the jungles of Central America. Entering her 70s, there was one adventure she looked forward to but hadn't taken: a hot air balloon ride. She and her friends attempted to take a balloon ride on [...]

  9. 'Fast and very precise' robotics-guided biopsy offers precision in diagnosis for international patient

    Over five years, Erasmo Carlos Perdomo Maradiaga received six different diagnoses from doctors in Honduras. The 26-year-old father needed answers, and despite the COVID-19 pandemic, he realized a trip to the U.S. could be his only hope for a precise diagnosis. Excruciating back pain first brought Erasmo Carlos Perdomo Maradiaga to the doctor. Imaging tests [...]

  10. Why James Benjamin is grateful for popcorn, video connections, robotic surgery and Dr. Pate

    James Benjamin has found a reason to be grateful in each step of his unexpected path to Mayo Clinic and a better option to recover from surgery for kidney cancer. After talking with James Benjamin, you learn that he is a very grateful man. First off, James, of Lino Lakes, Minnesota, is grateful for popcorn. [...]