Angie M. Bergsten

Participant, Business Consulting Fellowship

Angie M. Bergsten: I chose a training program at Mayo Clinic because of the resources that would be available to me as a trainee. I had access to a lot of different classes in a wide variety of different areas, and also I just think the team spirit at Mayo Clinic really benefited me as a trainee here.

Having a job that is mentally stimulating and also provides you a great work-life balance … working for an employer that gives you great benefits, even as a trainee, really makes all the difference. When you're happy at work, you're just a happier person all the way around.


The Management Engineering & Internal Consulting Fellowship Program is a one-year advanced learning experience designed to develop outstanding individuals committed to careers in health systems engineering.

The program allows master's-prepared associates to gain the practical experience necessary to meet the minimum requirements of a health systems engineer at Mayo Clinic.

Practical experience includes providing management engineering and internal consulting support to departments, divisions and committees from any Mayo entity requesting assistance with planning, development, implementation, evaluation or improvement of clinical, administrative or operational systems, processes and procedures.

Most projects are cross-functional in nature, involving split or shared responsibility and problem-solving with disciplines and personnel from other areas, sites and regions across Mayo Clinic.

Sample project topics:

  • Business planning
  • Quality improvement
  • Information technology systems implementation
  • Forecasting and access
  • Simulation
  • Patient flow
  • Facilities design
  • Electronic systems usability
  • Staffing analysis

Salary and benefits

Mayo Clinic offers competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits for Management Engineering & Internal Consulting Fellowship Program participants.

Salary and benefit details can be found in the "Associate, Management Engineering & Internal Consulting Fellowship Program" job posting on the Careers in Management Engineering & Internal Consulting page.