Recruiting those who serve

Miembros del personal de Mayo Clinic y veteranos conversando en un evento

Mayo Clinic and the military share a commitment to serve others.

Mayo Clinic's mission that the needs of the patient come first resonates with service members. Mayo's values of teamwork, integrity, respect and excellence are a direct connection with military culture. Those qualities are highly valued in providing the best care to every patient each day at Mayo.

Through various partnerships, career fairs and websites, Mayo actively recruits those who have served our country to help serve our patients.

Why veterans and service members are good for Mayo Clinic:

  • Veterans are trained to work efficiently and effectively with a very diverse workforce.
  • Veterans are trained to lead but also trained to follow.
  • Veterans are trained to be highly proficient. Military members already know how to work differently.
  • Veterans are trained to work in diverse and dynamic environments. They are trained problem solvers.
  • Veterans can make decisions under pressure. In the military, the environment changes quickly, and they have developed the resiliency to deal with change and make good decisions.