Be strategic

Think about your food choices and where you stand (literally!) at a party. Scan the food options before you eat so you give yourself the opportunity to choose healthy options that contain more vegetables or whole grains. Consume extra calories only as a special treat. Stand away from the buffet table so you won't be tempted to continuously graze. Finally, bring some fruit or veggies, so you know you already have a healthy option available to you.


Be the change you want to see. Think of other ways you can be social besides going out to eat or for a drink. Get together with a group of friends for a walk or a workout at the gym. As a bonus, research has shown that people are motivated to work harder when they exercise in a group than when they work out alone.

One last point: Don't throw in the towel just because you had one night of overindulgence. Get right back on track and continue on.

Dec. 10, 2016 See more In-depth