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Mayo Clinic PsychUpdate e-Edition
September 2015
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Working with patients who are transgender, gender dysphoric or gender nonconforming
Patient Care

Mayo addresses health, well-being of patients with gender dysphoria

Transgender people experience significant health care discrimination. Mayo Clinic offers integrated medical and psychosocial interventions to help optimize quality of life for this marginalized and vulnerable population.


NAA may help individualize treatment in bipolar disorder

A new study found that lamotrigine increased lower than normal N-acetylaspartate (NAA) in patients with bipolar depression. Although results showed a brain change only, larger studies may find a correlation with improved symptoms, making NAA potentially useful for individualizing lamotrigine therapy.

New ADHD age-of-onset criterion leads to 3.5 percent increase in prevalence

A new study finds that the expanded age-of-onset criterion for ADHD increases prevalence by nearly 3.5 percent. The increase is greatest among children with inattentive symptoms and those from low-income and minority families.

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Psychiatry Clinical Reviews 2015
Oct. 15-17, 2015, in Chicago
This course provides clinically relevant updates for managing psychiatric problems across all care settings. Topics include mood, anxiety and psychotic disorders, child and adolescent psychiatric treatment, psychotherapy techniques and strategies, sleep disorders, and a neurology update.

Translational Review of Mood Disorders and Addiction 2015
Oct. 29-31, 2015, in Minneapolis
Mood and addiction disorders are two of the most prevalent psychiatric conditions, with a high rate of illness morbidity. This course provides a wide-ranging overview of basic, translational and clinical research in both mood and addiction.

International Dementia with Lewy Bodies Conference 2015
Dec. 1-4, 2015, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Lewy body dementia is the second most common type of dementia. An international group of experts provides updates on key neuropsychiatric aspects of the disorder as well as genetics, biofluid correlates, molecular biology, current symptomatic therapies and future potential disease-modifying treatments.

Depression and Bipolar Disorder on Stage: Science of Healing and Stories of Hope 2016
May 5-6, 2016, in Minneapolis
This innovative program addresses issues associated with the stigma of psychiatric illness and improves participants' understanding of the cost and challenges associated with depression and mania through insights provided by faculty and audience interactive participation.

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In the Video Center

Optimizing Lithium Treatment
Lithium is a mainstay in treatment for bipolar depression but can cause minor fluctuations in thyroid hormone level. Data from the Mayo Clinic Depression Center suggest that low-level thyroid augmentation may improve mood cycling and depression in lithium-maintained patients.

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