Resources to help you live well with Crohn's disease

Crohn's disease exacts a physical and emotional toll that can reduce your quality of life. Fortunately, a variety of organizations and support groups exist to help you cope with the challenges that come with Crohn's disease.

Members of Crohn's disease organizations and support groups can help by sharing their knowledge of the latest medical treatments and alternative therapies, by discussing how they've dealt with challenges similar to those you face, and by simply reassuring you that they understand what you're going through.

Support groups

Perhaps the largest and most well-known Crohn's disease organization in the United States, the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation staffs and supports 40 local chapters that hold many support groups across the country. To find a local chapter, go to or call 888-MY-GUT-PAIN (888-694-8872).

If you prefer to interact with people online, you can join the Crohn's & Colitis Community, which provides access to a variety of discussion forums, personal stories, and a panel of experts who can answer questions on many topics related to Crohn's disease. Visit this online community at

Other support groups to consider include:

  • My Crohn's and Colitis Team is a social networking site designed to bring people living with Crohn's disease together. Join them at
  • Crohn's Forum is an online support group and forum. Check them out at

Healthcare providers

Don't forget that your doctor and the rest of your healthcare team are there to help you. They're not just there to treat your physical symptoms but to provide emotional support as well. They can also direct you to more specialized resources and expertise, such as a therapist.

Try to remember that even though you have Crohn's disease, you can enjoy life as long as you seek out and welcome support when you need it.

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