Comprehensive medical and preventive health screening and management

When you enroll in the Mayo Clinic ProPilot program, you're offered a comprehensive, expedited and discrete medical examination and preventive health screening. The preventive exam includes:

  • A pre-visit condition and risk review with phone follow-up if needed
  • A medical history review and physical exam done by a Mayo Clinic flight physician, with referrals to subspecialists as needed
  • A full range of preventive screening tests using accepted national guidelines tailored to your needs
  • A review and update of medications and immunizations, including those needed for international travel
  • A lifestyle assessment to discuss your approach to nutrition, stress management, alcohol and tobacco use, exercise, personal safety, and other indicators of disease risk
  • A full report of your test results — usually available electronically on the day of your exam — reviewed with you by our staff, as well as a written report mailed to your home
  • Access to resources to help you promote your own health and wellness, to resolve or prevent burnout, and to cultivate resilience over the course of your flying career
  • Access to integrative medicine services such as acupuncture and massage

Efficient assessment of medical conditions that may jeopardize your ability to pilot an aircraft

Pilots with medical needs are seen by a Mayo Clinic physician-led team that draws on the expertise of physicians from multiple specialties, including colleagues in cardiology, oncology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopedics, gastroenterology, neurology, and psychiatry and psychology. The exam includes:

  • Rapid diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • Access to resources to help you promote your own health and wellness, to resolve or prevent injuries or chronic conditions, and to cultivate resilience over the course of your career
  • Referrals for one-on-one counseling if you're dealing with depression, anger or substance abuse

Job fitness evaluations for pilots seeking to return to work after an illness or injury

We offer personalized evaluation of pilots with a condition that may interfere with their ability to operate an aircraft safely:

  • Health risk assessment and management
  • Comprehensive health status evaluation
  • Fitness-for-duty evaluation and work-life counseling, voluntary or employer-directed
  • A plan for restoring health and wellness
  • Simulation of specific maneuvers or activities, when warranted, in the Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Occupational and Rehabilitative Care Clinic (CORCC), such as lifting baggage after injury, performing required maneuvers on the flight deck and other activities

Our goal is to return pilots to service in a manner that's safe for them and the people who fly with them. If that isn't possible, we will recommend work restrictions or alternative work environments.

Additional services