Fredric B. Meyer, M.D.

  1. Neurosurgeon
  2. Enterprise Chair, Neurocirugía

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  1. Facial Pain Is More Than Meets the Eye

    Nancy Hannafin suffered from terrible pain on one side of her face for several years. Finally, a visit to her optometrist led to a breakthrough. Nerve pain was causing the problem, and brain surgery at Mayo Clinic fixed it. Nancy Hannafin makes a point of appreciating the little things in life: birds singing, flowers blooming, [...]

  2. Finally Sleeping Soundly and Seizure-Free

    After years of dealing with nighttime seizures, an Illinois man found the relief he sought after Mayo Clinic surgeons precisely mapped the source of his seizures. Evan Bachtold's wife, Rachel, used to be afraid of going to sleep. Lying next to her husband, who had epilepsy, each sound he uttered and every move he made [...]