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Mayo Clinic Clinical Update e-Edition
June 2014
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Choline C-11 - Pulling Back the Curtain on Prostate Cancer
Patient Care

Managing tendinopathies and tendon tears

Tendinopathy is a common clinical pathology. Recent work suggests it represents a failure of the body's normal repair mechanisms. To manage it in a new way, Mayo Clinic physicians are developing novel scaffolds that direct growth in different types of soft tissues.

Refractory celiac disease may explain failed response to gluten-free diet

Celiac disease patients fail to respond to a gluten-free diet for many reasons, including gluten contamination, misdiagnosis and other gastrointestinal disorders. When these possibilities have been excluded, refractory sprue may be the causative factor.

International database developed for patients with Niemann-Pick disease type C

Mayo is one of the few centers in the world with experience diagnosing and treating patients with NPC and has one of the few labs capable of performing the biochemical analysis of skin biopsy required for a definitive diagnosis.


Statistics support use of motorcycle helmets. Why don't riders?

Helmets reduce motorcycle-related deaths and head injuries. But the repeal of many universal helmet laws and a new generation of older riders make helmets a tough sell.

CONNECT Trial tests remote partnering with local providers for TBI-related treatment

A new study aims to determine the effectiveness of a partnership between Mayo Clinic and community providers in managing the post-acute care of traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients.

New-onset ocular misalignment among adults is significantly associated with increasing age

Research using Rochester Epidemiology Project data to explore the incidence and demographics of new-onset strabismus and its types in adults shows ocular misalignment among adults differs significantly from pediatric strabismus.

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17th Annual Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Update: Sedona 2014
Oct. 16-19, 2014, or Oct. 30-Nov. 2, 2014, in Sedona, Ariz.
This unique course offers a practical update on subspecialty topics including allergy, cardiovascular diseases, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, infectious diseases, integrative medicine, neurology, psychiatry, pulmonary, renal disease, rheumatology, and others applicable to today's practice and patients.

An Overview of Perioperative Medicine
Oct. 22-25, 2014, in Newport, R.I.
This course updates general internists, internist-subspecialists, family medicine specialists and other health care providers on perioperative assessment and management. It focuses on the practical, clinical side of preoperative assessment and postoperative management.

Parkinson's Disease & Other Movement Disorders for the Practitioner — 2014
Nov. 7-8, 2014, in Phoenix
This review focuses on Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders with an emphasis on diagnosis and management issues that commonly confront the clinician. Lectures, case presentations, question-and-answer sessions and video vignettes provide comprehensive coverage.

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