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Mayo Clinic Clinical Update e-Edition
July 2014
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Patient Care

Early treatment may reduce risk of long-term complications for patients with Paget's disease

Asymptomatic patients who have active Paget's disease involving skeletal sites where complications are likely to develop, such as the skull, spine and long bones, may benefit from treatment early in the course of the disease.

Up to 35 percent of patients with CTEPH who undergo PTE see normalization of pulmonary hemodynamics

Specialists at Mayo Clinic's Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic use pulmonary angiography to discern whether pulmonary arterial flow obstruction is proximal enough for pulmonary thromboendarterectomy, a potentially curative procedure.


Adolescents with type 2 diabetes may increase the incidence of myocardial infarction

Incidence of fatal and nonfatal myocardial infarction declined due a decrease in the burden of modifiable risk factors and an increase in use of medications to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Childhood obesity may reverse that trend.

Frequency of combined organ transplants increased significantly in the past 5 years

Late survival after combined organ transplantation is similar to that after isolated heart transplantation, and freedom from cardiac allograft rejection and dysfunction is improved following combined organ transplantation compared with isolated transplantation.

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17th Annual Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Update: Sedona 2014
Oct. 16-19, 2014, in Sedona, Ariz.
This unique course offers a practical update on subspecialty topics including allergy, cardiovascular diseases, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, infectious diseases, integrative medicine, neurology, psychiatry, pulmonary, renal disease, rheumatology, and others applicable to today's practice and patients. Also available:

An Overview of Perioperative Medicine
Oct. 22-25, 2014, in Newport, R.I.
This course updates general internists, internist-subspecialists, family medicine specialists and other health care providers on perioperative assessment and management. It focuses on the practical, clinical side of preoperative assessment and postoperative management.

Parkinson's Disease & Other Movement Disorders for the Practitioner — 2014 — LIVE
Nov. 7-8, 2014, in Phoenix
This review focuses on Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders with an emphasis on diagnosis and management issues that commonly confront the clinician. Lectures, case presentations, question-and-answer sessions and video vignettes provide comprehensive coverage. Also available:

The 88th Annual Clinical Reviews
Nov. 10-12, 2014, in Rochester, Minn.
Updates on the latest recommendations involving medical subspecialties important for the primary care physician are presented via lectures and panel and round-table discussions. Explore problems of general interest in various areas of medicine, surgery and pediatrics relevant to clinical practice.

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In the Video Center

Stem Cells Get Hip
Mayo Clinic researchers recently began studying the use of concentrated autologous bone marrow and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) as adjuvants to minimally invasive decompression to treat patients with early-stage avascular necrosis.

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