Can tardive dyskinesia be prevented?

To help prevent tardive dyskinesia, your doctor can:

  • Limit your use of the drugs that cause it, when possible.
  • Prescribe the lowest dose possible that's still effective at treating your condition.
  • Take you off a drug, when possible, to ensure you use it only for the amount of time truly necessary to manage your condition.

It's also important that your doctor frequently monitor you for signs of tardive dyskinesia while you're taking a drug that can cause it. This can help your doctor catch the condition early, so that he or she can take steps to reverse symptoms to keep them from becoming permanent.

While taking antipsychotics or metoclopramine, it's also usually best to avoid taking anticholinergic drugs — which include some antidepressants, antihistamines and other medications. That's because these drugs may worsen tardive dyskinesia symptoms.

April 01, 2020