How can occupational therapy help me if I have psoriatic arthritis?

Occupational therapy can help you find ways to make your daily tasks easier on your joints.

An occupational therapist can teach you how to do routine activities, such as lifting, reaching and getting dressed, in ways that won't place extra stress on your joints. The therapist will ask specific questions about your pain and your daily activities and make personalized recommendations.

Occupational therapists have a variety of solutions to help with managing pain, including:

  • Suggesting modifications to your environment, such as showing you how to widen the grip on your toothbrush handle if brushing your teeth is painful for your hands
  • Recommending adaptive equipment, such as grab bars to aid you in standing up from a seated position or wheeled carts to help you move heavy items
  • Fitting splints and orthotics, to add support for painful joints
  • Making practical suggestions, such as suggesting ways to find a balance in your life so that you have energy for tasks that you need to complete and for things that you enjoy

If you're interested in occupational therapy, discuss it with your doctor and ask for a referral. Also check with your insurance company, as occupational therapy isn't always covered by insurance.

Feb. 25, 2022 See more Expert Answers